POSTCARD DEALERS - old antique postcards
The following listing contains dealers in old picture postcards who are members of the Postcard Traders Association. Only those members who have asked to be included are listed and it is far from a complete membership list. In most cases we would advise contacting the dealers before you plan a visit.

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Alan Winter
Andrew Bowker
Andrew Yatsenko
Barbara & Ted Irwin Postcards
Bass Rock Postcards
Beacon Postcards
Betty & Roy Fuller
Beverley Wright
Bill Kirkland
C & S Promotions
Campbell McCutcheon
Chimes Publishing
Chris Hoskins
Chris Newall
Chris Rapley
Chris Vaughan-Jones
Cobweb Postcards
Collectables Plus
Collier Postcards
Cordesa Cards
Cornucopia Collectors
Cover Story Ltd
Dauwalders of Salisbury
David Mouser
Days Past
Delcampe International
Derek Popplestone
Derek Warry
East London Postcard
Edwardian Postcards
Geoff Ellis
Graham Barson
Graham Johnson
Helen Ciaburro
Hoogeduin Postcards
Jack Stasiak
Jan Boonstra
Jane Dembrey
John & Vivian Forster
John Kidson
Keith Irwin
Keith Nickol
Kingfisher Postcards
Lee Rouillier
Lesley Davies
Lesley Julian
Louis Bannon Coins & Medals Ltd.
Magda Coin Co.
Magpie Cards
Malcolm Chadwick
Mark Bown
Martyn Lawrence
Maurice Friedman
Maxam Cards
Melanie Mordsley
Michael Goldsmith Postcards
Mick Large
Mike Tarrant Postcards
Millcats Postcards
Millston Postcards
N & P Collectables
Net Stamps
Overdale Cards
Page Postcards
Paul Newman
Paul Willlmott Postcards
Peter & Janet James
Peter's Postcards
Phil & Thelma Vass
Picture Postcard Displays
Picture Postcards Limited
Picture the Past
Reflections of a Bygone Age
Richard Boddington
Richard Gee
Richard Stenlake
S.D. Prescott
Sheffield Postcard Co.
Stade Auctions
Stephen Reeves
Sunnytown Postcards
The Magpie
Tim & Jackie Winter
Tracy Powell
UK Old Postcards Ltd
Universal Postcards
Wayne Northeast
West End Stamp Co.
Wild Postcards (David and Elissa Wild)
Dealers by Region
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