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My Collection Site...Still in progress

Posted: Mon Dec 12, 2016 10:39 pm
by gginnj
Been working on a display for my cards over the last few years. it's still a work in progress and I have many I still have to add.
as well as not all backs have been added. It's an very ecclectic grouping. Broken down into countries, States and Themes

My Site is

But thought I'd throw it out there. Been collecting over the years, some from places i've been, some from trades, some
from ebay, and others from a site called Buck-A-Cover which is mostly catered to envelopes, but has a fair number of postcards also - at very good prices.

Right now not all are tagged correctly for whether i would sell/trade them - mostly because i don't have them organized - they are in boxes.
The last step to the website will be to organize the physical cards with their locations noted online to make it easier to find if it were to be traded.