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Delcampe - not a good place to buy?

Posted: Tue Oct 24, 2017 11:37 am
by CollectIreland
In the middle of a dispute on Delcampe and getting absolutely nowhere with their hands-off attitude.

I bought an item from a seller in Portugal on the 5th September and paid with PayPal - no item, one email which turned out to be a pack of lies and then nothing. Contacted Delcampe only to be given an endless run around and more delays. No sign of any resolution. Seller still happily selling away but not prepared to send on my purchase, refund my money or communicate with me.

Eventually - 39 days later - I opened another dispute but through PayPal - money refunded the next day - but I want my purchase! I suggested to Delcampe that they should suspend the seller's account until he responds to them (which he refuses to do) or sends on my purchase. They now say because he refunded my money that they won't suspend his account but he still won't respond to them and has burnt another buyer in the meantime. What a shambles!

Delcampe has been going downhill for a good while now and the only reason I haven't closed my account is that I will be letting this seller off the hook.

Anybody else sick and tired of Delcampe?

Re: Delcampe - not a good place to buy?

Posted: Sun Oct 29, 2017 5:14 pm
by CollectIreland
The seller's account has now been suspended but he still refuses to contact either Delcampe or myself. Over 1,300 sales with 97% feedback record - why would he do it?

For my part it has made me even more wary of dealing with southern European sellers and I have just passed on two batches of photographs on eBay because the seller is located in Spain. :(