Collectables such as stamps, coins and cigarette or trade cards are well served by largely accurate listings and catalogues of almost every item ever produced. Postcards are different, produced by thousands of publishers in almost every country in the world over the last 100 years. Many millions of different cards published by long forgotten companies, very few of which ever kept accurate records of their output, or even bothered to number their cards.

The task of compiling lists is therefore left to a few dedicated researchers - the collectors who collate and prepare listings of their own specialist subject.

We aim to provide on this site, as much information as we can about these lists, how you can obtain them and in many cases, the lists themselves, for you to download. We hope to encourage new publisher research and collaboration in listing projects.

Downloading Checklists
Postcard checklists available for free on this web site.

Submitting Checklists
How to send us your own listing, for inclusion.

List of Lists
Checklist information available from other sources.

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