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Established in November 1990, the South Wales Postcard Club has established itself as the postcard presence in South Wales. It meets at 7:00 pm, on the second Thursday of each month (except for August) in Cardiff, usually at Ararat Baptist Church Hall, (Whitchurch Common, Merthyr Rd, Cardiff, CF14 1PT).

A programme of events is organised by the club committee, running from September each year. Primarily the talks are on or around the subject of postcards, but as postcard collectors will know this allows an enormous breadth of scope. Subjects may vary between particular illustrators, history local and international, local authors, and social history.

A typical evening will feature a PowerPoint presentation from a visiting speaker, but often the evening is taken by a club member, and finishes with refreshments. In the Spring we have a board competition, which currently is held biennially, in July the committee organises a visit, (if we are lucky the weather is good!), and in November we now hold our anniversary dinner in some local hostelry.

Twice a year the club organises a Postcard Fair in Cardiff with around twenty five dealers, and to coincide with it we also produce 'Cardtalk', the Club newsletter, with contributions from members. If you would like to contact the editor Gareth Thomas, he can be reached through our email address (


We always welcome new members to the club, where the annual subscription is £8 per annum. New members are made very welcome, and help to enlarge the wide range of interests and collecting habits, already covered by our members. Although we are a postcard club, we are all collectors and usually have more than one string to our bow!!

The Programme

The committee of the S.W.P.C. works hard to construct an annual programme which is varied and enticing. Guest speakers feature as do club members, who volunteer talks on cards from their collections. PowerPoint presentations, in which postcards are able to be projected for maximum impact, are regular features of the club programme.

Always popular are 'Members' Evenings', when, based on a set topic, members bring along cards and show and speak about them in-the-round for a few minutes. The popularity of postcard collecting is increasing, especially as many with an interest in Local History and Family History now begin to realise how old postcards can provide such a large contribution to their hobby. The thrill of finding a card showing a church, a school, a shop, a colliery or a street with a family connection has to be experienced to be believed.

Anyone seeking further information on The South Wales Postcard Club or postcards as a collecting interest may contact us via the club's email address which is printed at the bottom of this page.

Thursday, 8th September, 2016
For this talk Richard returns to one of his first loves, the invention of the 'Tank' in WWI. 2016 marks the hundredth anniversary of British tanks making their first appearance in anger on the Western Front. A shock to the enemy, a new experience for the allied Generals, and a fascination to the general public back home. This fascination subsequently helped raise millions of pounds for the war effort.

Thursday, 13th October, 2016
Denis Wedgwood – Memories of a brass instrument maker's apprentice. 'It is what it says on the tin'. Apprenticed at sixteen to a brass instrument maker in Manchester, dipping into music as a trumpet player at Covent Garden, and ending up with his own business in Cardiff, repairing brass instruments. Denis reminisces about his varied life and recounts some of the tales from his autobiography 'And did those feet ...'

SATURDAY, 15th October, 2016
Postcard Fair
- Our Autumn Postcard Fair will take place at Penylan Community Centre, Penylan Road, Cardiff, CF23 5HW. The fair opens at 10:00 a.m. and closes at 3:30 p.m. Around twenty plus dealers attend and on offer will be a huge variety of subject and topographical cards, old and modern, plus other paper ephemera. Some parking is available on site, more nearby. Anyone wishing for more information about the fair should contact the Chairman. Maps and directions for those travelling from afar can be provided.

Thursday, 10th November, 2016
The S.W.P.C. was founded in November, 1990, and the club holds an annual dinner to celebrate the establishment of the club. The venue for this year's meal has yet to be confirmed but details will be circulated in due course. A warm and friendly welcome will be extended to members and guests.

Thursday, 8th December, 2016
It is customary for the December meeting of the S.W.P.C. to be a members' meeting, with no main speaker. This year, members were challenged to find a few cards on a subject which they drew by chance out of the 'Collecting Hat'. In October each member was asked to think of a subject or theme, which they wrote on a form and then placed in the hat, replacing the one which they had withdrawn. At this meeting we will see how successful everyone has been, and discover whether anyone has started a new collection as a result! Biscuits make way for Christmas cake and mince pies to accompany the usual teas and coffees.

Thursday, 12th January, 2017
Steve Rowson - Cartes de Visite.
The great period for cartes de visite was the 1860s. Were they produced to be left at a home as a note that someone had called, as visiting cards were originally used, or were they less expensive photographs shared with friends and family? Collectors fairs often have trays of these CdV, the majority, anonymous images of lost Victorians whose connection to their original families has been destroyed. Produced in their million, they may be unknown, but that doesn't mean they are not appreciated. Steve will use his extensive photographic collection to give members an introduction to cartes de visite.

Thursday, 9th February, 2017
Alan Cox - Transporter Bridges. If you live in South Wales, then you are familiar with transporter bridges, as Newport has a very fine example. But Newport's is not the only one, others were built in various places around the world. Some unfortunately no longer exist, but postcards of them do remain. Newport will no doubt feature in Alan's illustrated talk, but he will also be casting an eye on the others too.

Thursday, 9th March, 2017
Gareth Thomas - Badonviller and WWI. Badonviller, a small town in Lorraine, in eastern France, was fought over by German and French forces during The Great War. The sufferings of its people during the time of conflict, some individual acts of bravery, the wartime destruction of the village and its post-war reconstruction will all be recounted in Gareth's talk, which will, as usual be supported by a Powerpoint presentation. Gareth will include many contemporary postcards and a pot de chambre will feature prominently. Why? Come along and find out.

Thursday, 13th April, 2017
David Salter - The Davies Family of Llandinam. From very humble beginnings David Davies became an entrepreneur and Wales' first 'tycoon'. He was also a great benefactor as were his granddaughters Gwendoline and Margaret, famous for their art collection, which was eventually bequeathed to The National Museum of Wales. David's talk looks at the Davies family from those early days through two world wars and up to the current day.

SATURDAY, 22nd APRIL, 2017
Postcard Fair
. The Spring Postcard Fair will take place at Penylan Community Centre, Penylan Road, Cardiff, CF23 5HW. The fair opens at 10:00 a.m. and closes at 3:30 p.m. Around twenty plus dealers attend and on offer will be a huge variety of subject and topographical cards, old and modern, plus other paper ephemera. Some parking is available on site, more nearby. Anyone wishing for more information about the fair should contact the Chairman. Maps and directions for those travelling from afar can be provided.

Thursday, 11th May, 2017
Richard Phillips – Queen Street, Cardiff. At the turn of the century there were two particular Cardiff streets which enveloped the retail centre of the town. They were St Mary Street merging into High Street, and Queen Street. In the early twentieth century Queen Street became the business address to have in Cardiff. It had two water courses flowing beneath it and a booming population flowing through it. Using his extensive collection of postcards of Cardiff City Centre, Richard will give an illustrated talk, trying not to wander too far from the path, which is Queen Street.

Thursday, 8th June, 2017
Members' Evening - Scenes of Summer. An evening when we do it ourselves. Seated in the round members will be asked to briefly explain why the postcard/s they have brought along sums up summer for them. Could it be the ubiquitous British seaside card, will it be one of Donald McGill's bathers, perhaps the regular trip to the south of France, or maybe an exotic Caribbean cruise. It will probably be none of these. Knowing members' knack of thinking outside the box the contributions will probably stretch their proximity to the topic to its limits.

Thursday, 13th July, 2017
Traditionally, the July meeting of the S.W.P.C. is a summer-evening visit and this event marks the end of the current programme. Recent visits have been made to Brecon Mountain Railway, country-houses, gardens, a life-boat station and even a distillery! Walking tours of Cardiff city centre and Cardiff Bay have been memorable. Details of the summer-evening visit have not yet been confirmed but will be made available in due course. All members are invited as are any non-members who would like to be club guests for this evening.

* * * * * * * * *

The South Wales Postcard Club meets in Cardiff but has a membership that stretches over a wide area of South Wales. We all share an interest in picture postcards, some as a corollary to another interest and some who have become true cartephilliacs absorbed by this early twentieth century phenomenon. With the digital age postcards should have wilted away, and to a certain extent have, but thanks to the collecting fervour of our grandparents and great grandparents we have been left a cornucopia of art and social history, which year after year continues to excite and fascinate.

If you would like to learn more about the joys of collecting postcards why not join us in the South Wales Postcard Club, you will be most welcome. Richard Phillips Chairman, S.W.P.C.

Principal Officers

Chairman - Richard Phillips
Secretary - Vacant
Treasurer – Jean Williams
Editor Cardtalk – Gareth Thomas

For further information email: