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Scottish Postcard group
Further details at:

The Freecard collectors group Hosted on ONElist. A group for those interested in collecting and publishing freecards,rackcards, fliers and advertising postcards To subscribe

'The Postcard List'
Though not strictly a newsgroup, discusssion takes place on all aspects of postcards and postcard collecting of both old and modern cards. There are regular postings of wants, sales and trades as well as announcements relating to postcard events worldwide and appeals for hints and information on various postcard topics.
Collectors from all over the World subscribe to the 'Postcard List' though the majority at present are from the United States.
The Listowner is Dan Lester -

Subscribing to The Postcard List
It is probably most convenient to subscribe to the group as an email digest.
Send an email to with the message SUBSCRIBE POSTCARD
This will be replied to automatically with a command confirmation request to which you will need to send the reply 'OK' within 48 hours
You will then receive confirmarion of your subscription to the list and details of how to 'SignOff' etc.
Later send a message to the same address with the message SET POSTCARD DIGEST, you will then recieve a daily email containing all the messages that have been posted to the group (Otherwise you will find these are posted to you individually).
To post messages to the group you then post email to:

The Postcard List FAQ
There is a frequently asked questions list about the newsgroup at:
This also contains general information about postcards history & types etc. This is information mainly from a US perspective and may not be accurate for UK or other countries.


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