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About the Messageboard and Usage policy

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This messageboard is provided by the Postcard Traders Association as part of the postcard.co.uk website. The main - home page for postcard.co.uk is here http://www.postcard.co.uk

The purpose of the 'forum' is to provide information and encourage discussion on all aspects of the Picture Postcard and Postcard Collecting Hobby.

Postcard collectors, dealers and the general public may use the board to seek information, prompt or participate in discussion and provide information related to Picture Postcards. Subject to the conditions below.

Postcard Traders Association Members have many additional privileges in use of the messageboard.
Membership of the PTA is available to anybody trading (dealing) in PIcture Postcards or related services over the age of 18.
Details can be found here: http://www.postcard.co.uk/pta_membership.php

1. Registration is required to post on the messageboard - your registration may need to be confirmed by a board administrator. This will depend on the status of the board with regard to attacks by spam / bogus registrations at the time you register.

2. You may not post any vulgar, obscene or defammatory material - doing so will result in any or all of your posts being deleted and termination of your registration.

3. Posts should be 'Postcard' related unless posted in an 'off - topic' section.

4. Pictures may be added to posts - but should be relevant to the posting subject.

5. Links may be added to sites that provide information relevant to the discussion. Links to websites or pages offering sales of items are not allowed, unless the pages are owned by a member of the Postcard Traders Association.

ADMINISTRATORS and MODERATORS have the right to delete or edit any material they think unsuitable for the purposes of the board, their decision on any matter related to individual posts or the running of the board is final.