What is the cost of postcard?

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What is the cost of postcard?

Post by joseph77 »

Hello everyone,
I have a website related to laser hair removal. I want postcards for my services and business but I'm not sure what are the different kinds of postcards? Which postcard format is suitable for my company? What is the cost of the postcard? Can anybody guide me about it?

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Re: What is the cost of postcard?

Post by Moonraker »

Good Evening, Joseph

This is a forum for collectors of mainly old postcards, often produced a hundred years or more ago, though some are interested in acquiring "modern" cards - which can still be some years' old.

I'm guessing that you want to mail out postcards to prospective customers?

Googling "Print modern postcards" will lead you to various ideas and a number of companies that can help.

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Re: What is the cost of postcard?

Post by eastlondonpostcard »

Hello - firstly I have removed the url to your website... links to web pages are for PTA members only.

Post Cards are a useful marketing tool, even today, to attract new customers. Eventually, if they are interesting enough, they become collectables in their own way too.

Many local printers will produce Post Cards of different quality and price will vary accordingly... as suggested already, an online search will reveal many companies that can do this.

Best luck with your venture :-)
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Re: What is the cost of postcard?

Post by JennyMalin »

Just get a good designer. The printing will take care of itself. Then someone who knows very well how to design definitely knows how to go around with printing. appreciate | apply
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Re: What is the cost of postcard?

Post by Arnkatla »

A good designer will always advice you on printing

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