Seeking feedback on your experiences as collectors

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Seeking feedback on your experiences as collectors

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I posted a few months back about a photographic project I was doing for my final year project at university. I was interested in photographic postcards of Southampton and since then have collected around 60 examples. I became interested in the psychology of collecting and made a website mimicking those created by collectors who wish to share their collections and interest with a wider audience. The website is in addition to showing the postcards themselves at my end of year gallery show. On the site I have added a forum and created a topic about collector's experiences. I would greatly appreciate any input about your thoughts and feelings as a collector - what you collect, how you got in to it and what the objects mean to you.

Please feel free to explore the rest of the site

http://southamptonpostcardarchive.weebl ... /offtopic/

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Francesca Issatt

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Re: Seeking feedback on your experiences as collectors

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Hello again Francesca and many congratulations on your well executed postcard-related website - it will at best further enhance the medium in the world-wide domain. The world is definitely getting smaller with websites like yours focussing on local places of interest to make the visitor want to go there perhaps.

I wonder if you had any luck with the Southampton Postcard Club - if they were able to help - I hope so - their input would be an asset I'm sure.
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