Reg Carter (?) Golf-Theme Picture

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Reg Carter (?) Golf-Theme Picture

Post by 10SandyToes »

Hello from California, USA. This is my first post. I'm not a postcard collector, but I have a question that might be related to a well-known postcard artist.

I have a framed, golf-themed picture signed R. C. Carter and dated 1902. The style of the art looks very much like the work of Reg Carter. It's in its original, oak frame with old, wavy glass and was purchased in 1971 at an antique shop in Los Angeles (I have the receipt). Can any of you confirm this is by Reg Carter, and if so, have you ever seen postcard representations of it?

Once I'm confident this is by Reg Carter, I need to determine if it's an original watercolor or a reproduction print. Under 30X magnification, there are none of the dots or splotches you see in lithographs. It's just smooth, uniform color. It looks more like a pen-and-ink drawing with painted colors. Has anyone seen this "panorama" golfing-party picture before?

I'd be very interested in your opinions.

Thanks very much. Click the pics to view larger.