Advice on collection

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Advice on collection

Post by Irisblue »

Hello All, I have recently visited Wales and I found a small collection of postcards singular and a few detachable sets that are all in immaculate condition.

My grandfather must have owned them and as he was in Cairo and Jerusalem WWII this is where he must have bought a few of them.

Some packs are small photographs marked 10 photos JEWE A Bouillon Veritables. These are like new and and the cover too. Not postcards but more a collection of photos for tourists.

I have several Bruxelles detachable postcard sets with card cver.

Several postcards from around Europe a detachable set from Jerusalem and a colour one from Egypt. There are also a number of small photos for the tourist from around London too.

As my grandfather would of been in all the areas during WWII these times I would say early 1940's for them all.

Are these rare or quite common?

*None of these postcards have been used.


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Re: Advice on collection

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'Detachable' postcards, midget photos and lettercards were invariably produced for the tourist market using the most popular views available.
This is nearly always the case though occasionally more interesting views surface in these formats.

Usually difficult to sell, and value is at the lower end.

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