Wall display frame or case sought

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Wall display frame or case sought

Post by AliW »

Can anyone advise please if there is a manufacturer of display frames/cases that would work with vintage postcards. I have a lovely collection of old postcards of a seaside resort that my Grandad collected and I would to cover a wall with them but obviously want to protect them. Is there a museum or archive supplier out there who makes something suitable? Am having a hard time tracking anything down.

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Re: Wall display frame or case sought

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You mention covering a wall, so I'm assuming that it's quite a lot of postcards. Displaying the cards themselves can be problematic as they may fade or otherwise suffer from constant exposure. I've seen groups of cards framed for wall display and they suffered. Most museum displays seem to be used for temporary display.

I'm not sure how practical what follows may be but it might be a way forward though it's a rather different approach. It would also allow you to preserve the postcards in their original state.

There are several companies advertising on the internet who will use photo/jpg image files to produce custom wallpaper. I've seen walls decorated with wallpaper generated from old maps and from old photographs and it can work very well. Doing the same from postcards presents challenges, one being that of creating the source collage image from groups of the (much smaller than maps) postcards, there might also be limitations on the scale of the total image and the effects of any magnification (I imagine you'd not want any) the wallpaper producer might use. I guess it might be expensive but you could certainly end up with a unique display. You would also have the advantage of having the option of presenting the originals nicely protected in an album on a side table near the wall.

As mentioned above I've no certainty that the idea is practical but it might be worth some research.

Do come back and ask again if the above proves impractical or isn't what you are looking for.

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