Advice needed please??

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Advice needed please??

Post by kat15 »


I need some advice on how I can sell some Miss Gertie Millar signed postcards. I am selling them on behalf of my nan. She had them valued 15 years ago and would like to sell them now. I don't have any experience in selling postcards. There are 82 cards in the collection, some coloured, all signed and in excellent condition. Can anyone advise me on the best way of selling these?? I live in Essex and I am able to send photos. Thank you

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Re: Advice needed please??

Post by eastlondonpostcard »

Gertie Millar is a popular actress, so you may be hard pressed to sell them as a collection for a great deal: I would guess they are worth between 1 and 2 pounds each.

If you want sell them all in one go, then take them along to a Postcard fair and see if a dealer would be interested to buy them.

There is a stamp/postcard fair coming to Chelmsford on May 10th if that is near to you: Marconi Social Club, Beehive Lane Essex CM2 9FH

Hope this helps, best luck
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