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Beautiful book of postcards

Posted: Wed Jun 25, 2014 5:32 pm
by Starbuck
I recently finished my degree in Graphic Design. As one of my university modules I undertook a project to document my Great Grandmothers postcards from a period between 1903 and 1913. They are postcards she sent home to her mother whilst she was traveling around Europe.

Her name was Florence Edith Warren Roberts and she traveled to Switzerland (and a bit of Milan) in 1903, Venice and Italy in 1909 and Montreux in 1913. She wrote home extensively and the book is 130 pages documenting these journeys through her postcards (front and back).

Here is a link to image showing you what a beautiful book this is. I have tried to recreate the story exactly as she told it.

I will be using a different publisher from the book shown in the link, it wont change the content or the images but the process they use may be different to achieve the same result.