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Hi. Joined this site as I have found my dad's old box of postcards. There are 83 post cards and I would like to sell them. I live in Staines-upon-Thames and was wondering if anyone was nearby so I can visit and show the cards. I do not know anything about postcards but they seem quite old. This is details of some of them:

11 postcards by Manhattan Post Card company all of New York City. 5 of the postcards have a description on the reverse of the area/building on the postcards
Ritz Tower Building
St Lukes Hospital
Bankers Trust Company & Equitable Buildings
Steeple Chase Swimming Pool by night
Interior View Cathedral of St Johns Divine
Trinity Church
Adams Express Building
The Equitable Building
Graybar Building 43rd Street
Bedloe Island and Statue of Liberty

HB Wimbush, Torquay, Cockington Church, Tuck "Oilette" 7368 Postcard-posted 1914

Irish Jaunting Car Passing Colleen Bawn Rock, Lakes of Killarney Postcard