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On the Road: A Snail Mail Diary (Postcard art project)

Posted: Fri Oct 31, 2014 4:16 am
by MountainMan/CityBoy
On the Mountain: A Snail Mail Diary
is a Postcard Art project that I did while working and living backcountry on a mountain in Colorado. To check out the blog for it go to

I was hoping I could get some feedback on the project, because I'm in the midst of preparing for ver 2.0 called On the Road: A Snail Mail Diary which will become a kickstarter campaign so that I may continue the project while traveling through South America. My hope is to create an adventure story via correspondence. One of the main things I learned from doing this on the mountain was to focus the writing on one thought or story per card instead of trying to cram it "all" in I would love some other feed back and I should also have the video up soon and will be looking for feed back on that as well. For now here are two photos from a postcard I made during the day that I was filming most of the shots for the video. You can also reach me at
Feel free to hit me up if you want updates on the project as it progresses.