The Seaside Sultan?

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The Seaside Sultan?

Post by burnsie »

Hello Everybody... This is my first post. My name is Amy and, although I am originally from Alabama, I have spent most of the last nine years living in the UK. During that time my friends and I have enjoyed going to auctions and buying and selling... well, everything from lace to boat anchors! Recently I finally gave in and satisfied my OWN interests and bought several albums of postcards. I can honestly say I've had the most brilliant time going through them. I find myself spending so much time researching the cards and who received them. With Google earth it's even nice to look up the address and imagine that (barring any major changes in the area) it might be the very house where the postcard was delivered!

So, greetings to you all... I am very glad that I found your message board and I hope to learn a lot about the 'art' of collecting postcards.
Kind regards - Amy