High Quality Fine Art Print Post Cards For Sale- Bulk Lots

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High Quality Fine Art Print Post Cards For Sale- Bulk Lots

Post by postcard_bargains »

Hi all, hope everyone is well.

I have a large quantity (20k) of high end 10cm x 10cm postcards, these are all miniature art prints from international publishers such as Top Art, Braun, PGM Art World, International Graphics, loads of different genres / designs (far too many to list on here)

All Postcards come with Barcodes, Publishers Logo & Stock ID, artists & print name making them easy to list online.

Printed in Italy, Germany, USA, Spain & Canada.

This is all ex bankrupt stock, we can let you have 1000 postcards for £100 + Postage, thats just 10 pence each, these retail between £1-£4 each. They are all top quality and are sure to be a nice little earner for somebody we just dont have the time for this smaller stuff.

Cash on collection or Paypal if you want them delivered.

Dont miss out, when they are gone they are gone !!!

Any questions get in touch.

Many thanks