Scholastic Production Co. Belfast

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Re: Scholastic Production Co. Belfast

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One mystery solved but a lot more to go...

L Murdoch

After several years trying to track down this mysterious artist, I have finally cracked it - thanks in the main to Mervyn Scott from Portstewart. It seems that I had been looking for the wrong artist all the time and L Murdoch was actually Lilian Murdoch (1911-1989) rather than Lesley Murdoch from Belfast who still remains missing in action. Lilian Murdoch was born in Islandmagee but spent most of her life in Portstewart. That her postcards simply signed L Murdoch are by the same hand as those paintings signed Lilian Murdoch is finally by confirmed by the images below. The painting "Cottages near Bushmills" is signed Lilian Murdoch but the 'almost' identical postcard "A Rural Homestead" is signed L Murdoch.


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