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Post by Penrose »

Help! Have inherited over a thousand postcards. Am trying to sort them out into groups. Most are from 1910-1925. Not sure how to go about selling them. There are about 150 Christmas , 100 Easter, 100 Of Winchester (circa 1913-1916), 100 of Southampton (circa 1913-16), 50 of Wellingborough, 50 birthday, 20 of Southampton docks including Titanic etc, new forest, London, exhibitions, royal family from Edward VII- Elizabeth II Coronation.

Are there specialists in each one and how do I contact them? It was suggested that I use eBay but seems too baffling with so many postcards.

Many thanks in advance

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Re: Selling?

Post by eastlondonpostcard »

One way to sell them as a lot, is to contact a Postcard dealer near to you and get an offer: some dealers do specialise too. There is a list of dealers by region on this site:

Another way is to visit a Postcard Fair and ask the dealers there.

On-line sites are an alternative, but can be time consuming.

Best Luck
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Re: Selling?

Post by TOOVEY'S »

You could always consider auction. We are a member of the Postcard Traders Association, visit our website to find out more!

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Re: Selling?

Post by Imthatnathan »

Looking for wellingborough postcards

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