Gordon Bromberger

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Gordon Bromberger

Post by eastlondonpostcard »

I was saddened to hear that Gordon Bromberger passed away in December 2015.

He was in my opinion considered the Guru of Charles Martin Postcards, with a quick wit and a passion for collecting and helping others.

RIP Gordon
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Re: Gordon Bromberger

Post by Lithos »

I thought you may like some information as to Gordon's incredible collection. It was brought to our attention by the family, here at Sheffield Auction Gallery some months ago. A small part of the zeppelin covers were sold very succesfully recently, the remainder of his Swiss stamp collection, and incredible postcard collection is to be auctioned on June 3rd. This has been and still is ! a mammoth catalogueing task, with such rare and superb quality material. It will be online on our website 27th May.
In the mean time - any questions
Phil Hughes
Sheffield Auction Gallery
0114 2618181

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