Tolworth Postcard Fair - Poor

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Tolworth Postcard Fair - Poor

Post by davyj »

I thought I would share this poor experience with everyone, after driving quite a few miles to get to Tolworth, I arrived around 9.15am, On entry I was asked to pay £4, as it was before 10am.
I explained to the guy that the website had Two times and Two prices, and I quote from the website "All Fairs are open from 9am - 4pm Entry is £2".
But the guy would not have it, he said have a look at our ticket its on there, how would I know that if I had not been there before.
I said to him maybe he should update the website, he replied we have had this problem before!
I thought well why have you not done something about it.
So I asked after all that, how much is it going to cost me to get in, he said £4, so I said I suppose I will have to wait until 10am to get in for £2, he said yes.

The other guy that was sitting with him, said "Well you Don't Have To Wait".

I was shocked by his comment and left and decided to return home.
I can honestly say that is No Way you should speak to customers, Do Tolworth postacrd fair get so many customers, they do not need to encourage new customers.