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Almyer Avling, Wilson Street, Finsbury 1914

Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2019 7:55 am
by Moonraker
I've just acquired a set of 12 cards featuring the First Canadian Contingent on Salisbury Plain in 1914-15. Some were not uncommon, but there were several "finds" (probably because vendors wouldn't recognise single cards with brief captions as relating to the Plain or Wiltshire - indeed I wouldn't have in a couple of cases).

The cards came in the original trader's "World War Series" envelope, with the imprint of Alymer Avling & Co, Wilson Street,Finsbury. Though this company appears to have produced at least two other packs in the series, one for Australian troops, I can find to reference to it. Any ideas?

Some of the photographs appeared on cards published by other companies, including Tuck.

(Incidentally, the vendor - a bookseller - wins a prize for his careful protection of the packet through the post: the cards were enclosed in two strong envelopes and then in one of those robust cardboard wraparound boxes used for sending books through the post.)