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Printing techniques

Posted: Sun Apr 28, 2019 12:00 pm
by zoeycopernicus
I recently picked up a postcard on ebay that I'm curious about.

The card is postally used 1908, with a divided back (green ink), is quite thin (on the borderline between heavy paper and light card), and has a smooth matt surface. However in the places where the image is black, the card is glossy - if it was modern I'd say someone had overprinted it with a clear coat in those areas. The image itself almost looks like it was printed on linen, but as I said it's on thin smooth card.

What printing process or stylistic technique would give the effect seen on the attached image, but without leaving a texture? Was it common? Could I figure out who printed the card, based on the techniques used?

I'll be grateful for any hints at all.