Bloomsbury Book Ephemera & Postcard Fair

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Bloomsbury Book Ephemera & Postcard Fair

Post by OCohen96 »

I am unable to post in the Events thread so I will ask here. Do you think that in a situation we currently find ourselves in, Bloomsbury Book Ephemera & Postcard Fair will take place? It is supposed to be held on 5th of April.
Do you think it is safe to attend or is it better to stay at home?
Or perhaps they will postpone it?

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Re: Bloomsbury Book Ephemera & Postcard Fair

Post by Moonraker »

Its website says "due to the COVID-19 pandemic our fairs are cancelled until further notice."

I would have been very surprised had it gone ahead, and had it done so many (most?) dealers and customers would have stayed away. And by then public transport services will be reduced.

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