Railway photographs of Mr Hunter

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Railway photographs of Mr Hunter

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I am the photographic archivist of the French Railways Society, a group of like-minded enthusiasts interested in the history and development of French railways, with some 450 members based (mostly) in the UK.
Some time ago we acquired a collection of postcard-size photographs taken by a Mr Hunter in the 1920’s & 1930’s of French railway wagons & carriages with copious notes on the reverse of the images, including dimensions and colours.
Contrary to the wealth of information on the reverse of the images, we know next to nothing about Mr Hunter. We have explored all the usual sources (National Railway Museum in York and various historical institutions in France dealing with railway history) but the sum result is a complete blank.
It occurred to me that perhaps one of the PTA members may have come across examples of Mr Hunter’s work in their routine dealings with many images, both postcards and photographs. If so, I would be interested in any information that you may be able to provide and look forward to your response.