Can it be true ? surely not ?

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Can it be true ? surely not ?

Post by samtom »

I hear on the grapevine that postcard dealing stalwart ( some say legend) Julian Dunn is thinking about retiring.....?

Can it be true ? Surely not ?

He's been a fixture at all the significant fairs for many years and has been a trusted source for many a collector....myself included.

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Re: Can it be true ? surely not ?

Post by Moonraker »

Quite a character! When I first met him c1997 he already seemed to be of a certain age.

It must be quiet demanding setting up stands and bringing in one's stock, then repeating the process in reverse six hours later, in between standing up and dealing with so many customers.

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Re: Can it be true ? surely not ?

Post by eastlondonpostcard »

Absolutely NOT! He will go on until the very end, despite his 80+ years! Yes, he is a bit of moaner & groaner, but boy! - he has some stock! I spoke with him quite recently and although he only does Charing Cross and Woking, now, with Covid in the mix, he is reluctant to travel at his age... he is more concerned about passing it on to a younger person than getting it himself... he'll be back when things start up again, don't worry!
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