Cost of a postcard c1915

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Cost of a postcard c1915

Post by Moonraker »

How much did a postcard cost a century or so ago - 2d? 6d? Was there a premium for cards that were exclusive - group shots of a few soldiers, for example, compared with those that were printed in their hundreds and thousands?

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Re: Cost of a postcard c1915

Post by Dave43 »

probably 1d or 1/2d but a lot of cards were given away free in magazines etc, they were also "remaindered" at various prices. I have a few cards advertising remaindered lots' 100 B&W 6d, coloured 1/6d post free! Thridgould's offered to print 500 B&W of your local view photo for 15s. you could also go into a photographer and get your own photo taken or a group (RP real photo) printed on "postcard stock" probably for a few bob . Postcard stock is recognisable, I think a K where the stamp goes was Kodak paper

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