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Post by TonyRhodes »

Found this album/catalogue at my uncles house. Tried to find out more about it on the internet. I’m not a collector, but I am curious.
It’s by Davidson Brothers - Real Photos Pictorial Postcards. It’s blue leather bound with a belt like buckle to hold it closed. All of the pages are full (both sides - with protective paper between them). They are mostly black and white actresses but some are coloured, some have glitter and there’s a page with embroidered postcards on it too. There are roughly 30 pages.

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Re: Help?

Post by eastlondonpostcard »

It is difficult to assess without seeing the Album and the Post Cards within. From your description, they appear to be Davidson's series' of song cards which they produced in large numbers alongside Bamforth, a similar publisher of Post Cards from c.1902 onward. They would have been in sets of three of four and they sell between £1.50/£3 per set, depending on condition/subject...

Davidson Bros. went on to publish a vast number of comic series' of Post Cards engaging many of the leading cartoonists and illustrators of the day.

Hope it helps :D
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