Help needed 21 thousand postcards of uk castles

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Help needed 21 thousand postcards of uk castles

Post by ClareBooth »


If possible could I ask for some advice or help, my late father was an avid collector of postcards of castles across the UK. We believe that there is in excess of 21,000 of varying ages of post cards. Who knew there were that many post cards on castles.

Unfortunately we don't know where to start or who would be interested in this collection
We are based in North Yorkshire any help would be really good

Many thanks

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Re: Help needed 21 thousand postcards of uk castles

Post by eastlondonpostcard »

Wow! That must be some collection! Selling at an specialised auction house would be one route to sell, but there are fees involved. Alternately contact a dealer near you... there are several PTA dealers who may be able to help - check them out here:

Best Luck! :D
~ send it on a Postcard please ~

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