sending postcards 2008

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sending postcards 2008

Post by reflections »

We're all interested in collecting picture postcards (normally old ones) but what are we all doing to boost the current health of them?
How often do you actually send a postcard?
How often do you buy a postcard from a card rack in a shop?
Are modern cards worth collecting?
Are there any decent ones avilable in your village, town or city?
How aware are you of the current postcard scene?

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Re: sending postcards 2008

Post by ECooper »

I'm really ony intersted in old cards but do attempt to buy a few recent ones when I see them, last time was at a motorway service station on the M6. I suppose todays cards will be more collectable in the future, but generally they are so mass produced and unimaginative so I'm not so sure.

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Re: sending postcards 2008

Post by wakadowakado »

As you know I am a newly interested partisipant of this site. I have tried to introduce a new innovative card (via global interest of the Sudoku puzzle) but how do you promote the product inexpensively ? All suggestions gratefully acknowledged Brian

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Re: sending postcards 2008

Post by Reminiscene »

I'm just back from holiday in the West Country and am pleased to say that I actually spent time sending postcards to family and friends. Judging by the number of replies to this thread I guess that I might be one of a rare breed. Have to admit, though, I spent far more increasing my vintage postcard collection than I spent on moderns :D
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Re: sending postcards 2008

Post by Andrew »

My wife always insists on sending postcards whilst on holiday. I do my bit and add a sentence or two, if it's to a member of my family, but normally I leave it to her. I never know what to say.

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Re: sending postcards 2008

Post by RAFPOL »

Food for thought here I suppose. I last bought postcards from a rack last year in Scarborough. I must confess that the cards were bought as additions to my collection and not for sending through the post. Perhaps I will do my bit in the furure and send cards to family and friends. After all, they will probably save them for me anyway!!! I do have collections of Gladys Cooper, British born film stars, Comics from certain publishers and military badges but I do like the modern cards of Robert Opie, they are beautifully finished.

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