Hiya, new here just want to discuss Postcards vs E-cards !

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Hiya, new here just want to discuss Postcards vs E-cards !

Post by Elle_squashed »

Hiya, at the moment i am studing graphic design in cheltenham, I am doing a 10,000 essay on postcards and how postcards have changed in their uses over the years because of the ever changing technologies, just wonering if anyone has got any opinons or views on recieving postcards opposed to recieving E- cards ???

In a society where we communicate on a regular basis by email, speaking on the phone,
or sending text messages, is there still a need for postcards? Does it have the same impact on our lives now?

If any one would like to discuss the topic it would be greatly appreciated !! :wink:

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Re: Hiya, new here just want to discuss Postcards vs E-cards !

Post by ECooper »

Well, I can't really collect phone calls. I do collect text messages but they fill up the phone so I have to delete them all. I could collect emails but somehow they just don't appeal to me.

So I collect postcards!

(mostly because I like the pictures)

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Re: Hiya, new here just want to discuss Postcards vs E-cards !

Post by ALB »

On the 4th March my Dad will be 93 & on the 6th June my Mum will be 90. The pair of them has kept many things as opposed to throwing them away & of course they have kept nearly all the postcards that they have received & you can imagine some of the dates that they were sent to them. Over the last few months they have come across some of them & they have given them to me. One of the interesting & enjoyable things is looking at the postcard's pix & that pix is something you’re aware of, say a town. You know the layout of that town but seeing a pix that’s shows its layout some 50+ years ago is amazing.

As for e-mails, I get many of those each day & in some I’ve kept them. More often than not, those saved had a pix attached or the writing was a joke that I wanted to keep. The rest of the e-mails just simply go to Deleted Items.

I think perhaps one phase, that is often used, can be used for postcards to be a good form of communication & that is, “a picture paints a thousand words”.

I hope your essays score good marks.
Take care



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Re: Hiya, new here just want to discuss Postcards vs E-cards !

Post by wakadowakado »

Re Hiya PC v Ecards
Also Hello ALB Firstly- I hope your parents enjoy their long lives as long as possible and send them Birthday goodwill
messages- I am thankful I connected with you through this medium with true words. You are seriously blessed to have them
for such a long time!
There is no comparison in the long standing value of the written card -it is a better statement of fact in personal writing
whatever the standard of grammar or legibility. I look forward to my postbox- having someting interesting instead of junk mail and accounts which will be paid anyway. Such a pity the Post Office as we KNEW it is in decline Brian
Oh yes to conclude PLEASE send me a postcard Brian Halls 65 Watermead Bar Hill Cambridge CB23 8TL and you get an
interesting one in return- instead of a BILL!

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