Any feedback would be greatly helpful/appreciated :)

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Any feedback would be greatly helpful/appreciated :)

Post by charlotte__design »

Hi everyone,

Let me introduce myself, my name is Charlotte and I am currently in my second year at Staffordshire University studying graphic design.
For the last project brief in the second year of my degree course I have been asked to:

Design a company Annual Report and Accounts that breaks away from the stereotypical – something more creative and individual – something with flair.
You will be supplied with a very ‘distinct’ organisation, you are required to develop a document focused on that particular industry.

So what brings you here? You may ask, well the organisation I have been given is the 'Postcard Collectors Association'.
To produce a successful report I am required to capture the character of this organisation within the overall look and feel of the document.
For example, should I go along the lines of it being clean and well preserved or more towards the handwriting/postage marks/used feel of a postcard.

I suppose what I am asking for is general comments, characteristics, what being a postcard collector is all about and any information anyone would be willing to provide.
I hope you don't mind me inquiring, anything you can offer me will be most helpful :)

Thanks again, Charlotte.

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Re: Any feedback would be greatly helpful/appreciated :)

Post by nestonlad »

For me collecting postcards is about the history behind them,i collect photo postcards of the area where i live and i'm interested in the way my town looked a century ago.The postcards if used also tell you a story,on one a woman asks her sister how the weavers strike is going back home and in another a soldier from the 1st world war writes to his sweetheart who he might not ever have seen again.I also enjoy seeing the way fashions have changed over the years and cringe at some of the clothes in the 70's i wore as a kid

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Re: Any feedback would be greatly helpful/appreciated :)

Post by Andrew »

I collect postcards of castles, preferably ones that are pre-1940. I also travel round taking photos of the castles asa they are today, as a comparison.

Furthermore, I collect old prints and engravings, but have been trying to concentrate on a few particular areas - Kent, Northumberland, Isles of Scilly, Powys, Dumfries & Galloway. Plus of particular artists - Samuel and Nathaniel Buck.

I would like to have old postcards of all British castles at some stage. I love to read about the history, and have a large library of castle guides / booklets / books. I could go on - and normally do. Any questions for elaboration, do not hesitate to ask.

All the best

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