WW1 Mesopotamia by 'P Victor & Co'

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WW1 Mesopotamia by 'P Victor & Co'

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Hi all

I'm currently collecting a series of WW1 photographs (and indeed anything else taken by him) taken usually in Basra or Baghdad, Mesopotamia by 'P Victot & Co.' around 1915-1918. They are all RP and all have a number printed within brackets to identify the image bottom left and the image title bottom centre. The backs are printed with 'P. Victor & Co., Official Photographers, Mesp. Exp. Force'

He was an Indian photographer who was one of the official war photographers for the (Indian) Expeditionary Force that went into Mesopotamia (now of course Iraq) against the Turks. I am collecting these for a friend of mine (another photographer in India).

Many thanks if you've got one I haven't got yet for a reasonable price! And even if you've got one you can't pass on, then an image or info would still be gratefully received.

Best, Colin