A.F.D. Bannister

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A.F.D. Bannister

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Collecting aircraft done in watercolours by AFD Bannister
Does anyone know of a SALMON CATALOGUE which would indicate just how many there are.
If so how do I get hold of a copy?

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Re: A.F.D. Bannister

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I've not seen a catalogue but three possible sources come to mind.

1. The Aviation Postcard Club. They have an archived article which features Bannister aviation postcards published by Salmon and includes an email address of a club member offering a full list. The archived page is at http://www.aviapc.com/member/archive/ju ... atures.htm, the article is half way down the page and the email link is at the base of the article.

2. The Salmon Postcard Study Group who state "Our aims are to study and list all Salmon Postcard production since August 1900 to the present day". They can be found at http://www.postcard.co.uk/salmon/.

3. A long shot but Salmon are still trading. I've not found them to be responsive in the past but worth a try. They are at http://www.jsalmon.com/contact.htm

Hope the above helps. Come back again if you are still stuck.

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