Torture and Beheadngs Postcards

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Torture and Beheadngs Postcards

Post by postcardpaul »

I'm not new to postcards and have a fair idea of most, having gone through thousands... but these have really really thrown me !

Severed heads, dead bodies and torture, nothing on the back apart from the usual postcard and small divider, all the same backs.

No idea where and when, possible Kymer Rouge Cambodia , killing fields ? at a guess, the first card has got what I assume are British navy troops with people being paraded through the streets and tortured, the next one military troops standing over bodies with severed heads, then some kind of torture boxes in use and finally more dead bodies.

ould appreciate to hear what anyone else has to say about them.

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Re: Torture and Beheadngs Postcards

Post by deanosaur1972 »


The following postcard is from the same scene as one of yours, mine has Canton, Slow Death as the caption.


The following is another typical Chinese beheading.. again with the caption Canton


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