On the Road: A Snail Mail Diary (Postcard art project)

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On the Road: A Snail Mail Diary (Postcard art project)

Post by MountainMan/CityBoy »

On the Mountain: A Snail Mail Diary
is a Postcard Art project that I did while working and living backcountry on a mountain in Colorado. To check out the blog for it go to


I was hoping I could get some feedback on the project, because I'm in the midst of preparing for ver 2.0 called On the Road: A Snail Mail Diary which will become a kickstarter campaign so that I may continue the project while traveling through South America. My hope is to create an adventure story via correspondence. One of the main things I learned from doing this on the mountain was to focus the writing on one thought or story per card instead of trying to cram it "all" in I would love some other feed back and I should also have the video up soon and will be looking for feed back on that as well. For now here are two photos from a postcard I made during the day that I was filming most of the shots for the video. You can also reach me at mountainmancityboy@gmail.com
Feel free to hit me up if you want updates on the project as it progresses.