3 Tuck series wanted

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3 Tuck series wanted

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Hi there,

I'm trying to find 3 Tuck series – if anyone has cards from them, in any condition, I'd really like to buy them.

The series I am looking for are:

'Royal Academy', Series 5100 (1902).
Cards include:
Florizel and Perdita, by M F Raphael
The Last Chapter, by J Penrose
The Sorceress, by H Van Ruith
Thro' Clouds and Flowers, by Ellen Montalba
(plus any other cards from this series)

"R.A." set, 782–787
Cards include:
Summer Days, by Marcus Stone
Day Dreams, by Marcus Stone
Waiting, by Marcus Stone
By The Fireside, by Marcus Stone

"R.A." set, 504–507
Cards include:
Madeline, by Marcus Stone (with Tennyson quote)
Lady Clara Vere de Vere, by Marcus Stone (with Tennyson quote)
Margaret, by Marcus Stone (with Tennyson quote)
Adeline, by Marcus Stone (with Tennyson quote)

That's it! I can supply pics of these if it helps.

Many thanks for anyone who can help me out with these. It'd be great to hear from you.


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Re: 3 Tuck series wanted

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What's the standard format?
I like the content only concerned with the accepted guidelines.

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Re: 3 Tuck series wanted

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Not sure what you mean with your reply...
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