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Free Checklists

As a start to this new project a few checklists are available to download from this page. They will mainly be supplied as HTML (htm or html) or plain text (txt) files and as such should load into a wide variety of programs on most platforms. Some may be in compressed (.zip) format. To download a file simply click on it's listing, save to file and print it off-line at your convenience.

These lists are generously supplied by private contributors and are often the result of many years of painstaking research.

Please note that the PTA cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information contained in the lists, which are supplied free of charge, 'as is'.

British LL's.

Comic and Seaside Comic Cards.

London Life.

Postcard Artists.

Postcard Publishers.

Foreign and Overseas.

  • Southern Africa Catalogue - Martin Nicholson

  • Copyright Postcard Traders Association, 1999.

    Updated 17 March 1999