About the Fairs Listing

On this website postcard fairs and events are listed that are organised by members of the Postcard Traders Association. You should find that events organised by members of the PTA are run in a professional manner in accordance with the rules and ethics of the association.

If you are at all dissatisfied please contact the organisation. If you are a member of the Postcard Traders Association and your event is not listed below, please contact us with a list of your dates.

As part of our effort to help collectors we also list, on request, events organised by UK Postcard Clubs. If your club runs a show please send us details.

If you live some distance from the events we would suggest you contact the organiser to confirm details before travelling.

We are not able to give any indication of the size of events listed or the number of dealers that will be present and this information should also be obtained by direct contact with the appropriate organiser or via the link from their own website.

For those new to collecting and postcard fairs we include an article by Brian Lund - How to win at Fairs

The list is a far from complete picture of postcard fairs in the UK, indeed many other collectors events will also feature postcards in quantity. For links to other listings including those shows organised by non-members please try Picture Postcard Monthly - regular monthly listings in magazine only.

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