The Symbol of Fair Trading
The Postcard Traders Association represents the UK's foremost dealers (and increasingly from overseas!), auctioneers, fair organisers, publishers and accessory distributors amongst its members. All have been vetted to ensure that the high standards and objectives set upon its foundation are maintained to help in protecting collectors against unfair or dubious trading practices. Aims and Objectives of the PTA
Aims and Objectives of the PTA

The Association does all it can to promote both publication and collecting of postcards. It also aims to encourage fair trading within the Postcard hobby and, as such, has agreed a code of ethics which all members are required to adhere to.

For postcard dealers this includes stipulations such as presentation of stock and mandatory pricing of all cards offered for sale, accepting cheques, making fair offers for material offered to buy, giving refunds, not knowingly buying stolen goods and a requirement to prosecute anyone caught stealing from their stock.

Members are expected to maintain the highest standards of fair trading at all times and to do all that they can to promote, encourage and advance the Picture Postcard.

The Committee of the Association will investigate any written complaints made against a member, acting as arbitrator if necessary, and any adjudication made is final and binding. The Committee has the power to terminate the membership of anyone who fails to maintain the required standards.

It is, in effect, a guarantee or badge of fair trading, known by collectors and other dealers, and to the benefit of the members and the general public with whom they deal.