PTA Postcard Promotion

The larger part of the work the PTA does in promoting postcards is carried out by the elected members and officers of the PTA committee.

Much of this is geared towards our annual showpiece events the 'South of England Postcard Fairs' at Woking  These are the 'focus' of our promotional activity, where we have a good deal of success in bringing postcards to the public eye and to the attention of the media.

Other activities include...
Supplying articles features and other information for use by the press and other media, to ensure that Postcards are in the public eye as much as possible and subsequently dealing with the many enquiries the publicity brings.

Running the PTA's promotional stand at various shows and functions - most notably recently the Genealogy fairs.

Helping postcard clubs with their own promotion by supplying leaflets for distribution and support via the web site.

All work including the maintenance of our internet presence is done on a purely unpaid/voluntary basis by people who are dedicated to ensuring a prosperous future for the postcard industry and collecting hobby.

Of course anyone can get involved in promoting 'Postcards' whether they are members of the PTA or not. If you are involved in any such activities please contact us, we will be glad to do all we can to help, particularly through the pages of this site.